Our aim is to create fruitful partnerships with professional growers in order to maximise their yields and profitability. We do so by providing durable, efficient and innovative solutions in the areas of




Research into new photosynthesis technology

HortiMaX has joined forces with Wageningen University, Phenovation and other parties to conduct research into a revolutionary new technology based on the fluorescence principle. This involves the use of thousands of tiny measuring spots. The research will take some time to complete, but HortiMaX has already developed technology that lets growers benefit from photosynthesis processes.

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HortiMaX launches new UV disinfection unit

With the launch of the Vitalite CXL, HortiMaX offers a solution to meet the increasing requirements in food safety and security. The system effectively neutralizes pathogens using low pressure UV radiation at an exact wavelength of 254 Nm. Since low pressure UV radiation doesn't alter the water's composition, the nutrients in the water can be reused. This means the VitaLite CXL will quickly pay for itself.

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Upcoming events

28-29, Annual AMPHAC Congress

23-25, VIV, China

13-14, Dni Ogrodnika, Kalicz, Poland

8 - 9, Canadian Greenhouse Conference, Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario, US

3 - 6, Growtech, Antalya Expo Center, Turkey