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First ever HortiMaX Productive installed in Turkey!

Commercial horticulture in Turkey has seen tremendous growth in recent years. And with this growth has come a greater demand for technology. The 20-ha (49-acre) tomato producer Smyrna Sera has now become the first Turkish operation to be equipped with HortiMaX Productive, a cutting-edge registration system that lowers labour costs and improves work quality. Smyrna Seracilik was founded in 2007 by Akca Holding and was one of the first geothermal greenhouses in Turkey.

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HortiMaX launches MultiMa 2015 and Synopta 4

Unprecedented freedom - that is what our new MultiMa 2015 and Synopta 4 software offers growers. MultiMa 2015 allows you to quickly create your own custom variables and influences. This gives you tremendous flexibility in what you want to control or display. In addition to more options and features, Synopta 4 includes a new licensing model. This means you only pay for what you need, Synopta has a lower starting price and software updates are provided free of charge.

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