Screen control based on the Pyrgeometer

Dennis van der Knaap from tomato grower ‘Grootscholten’ in theNetherlands noticed thPyrgeometer nachtelijke uitstralingat the Pyrgeometer significantly improved air temperature control in his glasshouse. Before, the screen would mainly close based on the pipe temperature, and once closed the air temperature would rise too high because the pipes below the screen were too hot. Now, thanks to the Pyrgeometer, the air temperature does not drop too low before the screen closes, nor does it rise too high after the screen is shut.

Ad van Adrichem from tomato grower ‘Gebroeders Duijvestijn’, also based in the Netherlands, found that using the Pyrgeometer in screen control led to higher energy savings than he had expected. His screen closed because of the outgoing radiation on a number of nights, while it would have remained open without a Pyrgeometer. Both growers are pleased with the greater control stability and energy savings which the Pyrgeometer offers.

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