Frank van Kleef: 'We again opted for the HortiMaX MultiMa'

Tomato growers 'Van den Ende-Van Kleef' have again opted for a HortiMaX MultiMa computer to control the climate, irrigation and energy usage at their brand-new 74-acre operation ‘Royal Pride Holland’ in the Netherlands. At their other operation, where they grow 32 acres of tomatoes, Van den Ende-Van Kleef have used the MultiMa with complete satisfaction for years now. ‘The computer does what it’s supposed to do, such as controlling the climate and irrigation, and managing our energy sources and usage. The MultiMa also includes easy-to-use operating software, which all of our staff are able to work with’, said Frank van Kleef, who dislikes equipment with complicated controls. 

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'The MultiMa is the best computer for climate control'

The JHL Group in Pijnacker, the Netherlands, specializes in the breeding and production of cut flower gerberas. Their production area totals nearly 10 acres, divided into three locations, each equipped with its own MultiMa process computer. ‘The MultiMa is able to display data in graphs and tables, so you can see exactly what you are doing. This allows me to better manage and control the climate and makes it easier to take any corrective action that may be necessary,’, said Hans Lekkerkerk.  According to the grower,  the irrigation software for the sprinkler and roller ebb-and-flood bench system works perfectly. Another benefit is the ability to adjust the strength of the fertiliser solutions in the A and B tanks should the concentration of either solution be too low. This allows him to correct the EC level of the irrigation water before it is applied.’   


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Redstar in Dinteloord: ‘This concept has a lot of potential’

RedStar’s nursery in Dinteloord (NL) is now around 24 acres in size. Bram Hendrickx tells us: ‘We chose the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse concept with an eye to the future. He continues: ‘Choosing the right climate computer is essential. It must be flexible enough to respond to the constant changes in our greenhouse. That’s why we went for the HortiMaX MultiMa. Not only were we at RedStar already familiar with this computer, but, HortiMaX was also very flexible in meeting all our needs for this project.’

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