‘Workers have no trouble operating the P-Plus terminals.’

Hennstedter Gewächshaus is a glasshouse operation with 15 acres of tomatoes in Germany. They have been using P-Plus for 2 years now. We asked Oliver Nissen, the head manager of Hennstedter Gewächshaus, a number of questions about P-Plus.

Do all your workers use P-Plus?
‘Both permanent and temporary staff use the system. Only temporary workers (i.e. employed for 2 to 3 days) use custom reports. This takes less time than adding a new worker to the system.’

(Editor’s tip: Add a number of extra workers in advance and call them worker 1, 2, 3, for instance. Use these numbers for new temporary staff. You can edit the worker names later, should a worker stay on.)

What do your workers think of P-Plus?
‘They think the terminals are easy to operate. Only our Russian workers had some problems, because P-Plus does not yet support the Russian alphabet.’

What were the main obstacles when P-Plus was first put into operation ?
‘Getting the workers to correctly sign in and out and enter their breaks. For instance, people would input a ‘start of break’ entry rather than a ‘start of work’ entry, wouldn’t sign out or would forgot to enter their breaks.  

Do you use P-Plus data to take management decisions?
‘Yes, when assigning tasks and deciding whether to keep certain workers on.'

How long does it take for new workers to learn how to operate the terminals?
‘It usually takes them 2 to 3 days, 1 week at the most. It depends on the number of tasks they do.’

How long did it take you to learn how to use the P-Plus software?
‘It took me about 2 months, after which I could call up all the data I needed to manage the company.’

How much time does it take you to check the data entered?
‘It takes me 2 or 3 minutes every day, never more than 5 minutes.’

Do you also export data from P-Plus?
‘Yes, we export data to send to our accountant.’

Do you pay bonuses for good work performance?
‘Yes, we award bonuses if workers achieve a certain results. The management team likes to see workers be paid these bonuses, but only a limited group actually achieves the performance level needed. Over time, people know whether the bonus is achievable or not and it no longer works as an incentive for everyone.

(Editor’s tip: Contact our helpdesk to learn how to set up an incremental bonus system.)

Do you often call the HortiMaX helpdesk regarding P-Plus?
‘No, I didn’t even know there was a helpdesk I could call.’

Do you think a labour registration system is a worthwhile investment?

How large should an operation be for a labour registration system to be a necessity?
‘Operations up to 10 acres should be able to adequately keep track of staff and their work activities.  

Do you think HortiMaX is a reliable partner?

Do you own any other HortiMaX products?
‘Yes, a MultiMa climate computer with Synopta control software installed by PB-Techniek.’

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