‘I can see exactly how much of each product has been harvested at any moment.’

Juan Sánches Moreno has 6 businesses in Spain, covering a total of surface area of 128 acres. Although the businesses have only been using P-Plus for a short time, Juan Sánches Moreno says he has already begun to notice the benefits. The 6 operations are too far removed from one another to be interconnected with cables. However, thanks to each company’s connection using a PC telephone, Juan is able to oversee everything. A month after P-Plus was installed, we asked Juan Sánches Moreno about his experiences.

Did you register the tasks done by your workers before P-Plus was installed?
‘Yes, in the past, we would make notes on paper. Our 4 group leaders would note down all of the workers’ names, and divide the tasks among them. If a worker had completed a task, he or she would report to a group leader. At the end of the day, the group leaders would convene and enter the information into an Excel sheet.’ 
Are all your workers registered in P-Plus?
‘Yes, we have approximately 100 workers who are all entered into P-Plus. The group leaders enter the ‘start of work shift’ and then all of the tasks for each of the workers.

How long did it take you to learn how to use P-Plus?
‘We needed very little time to become acquainted with P-Plus. This was probably because everyone soon saw the benefits of working with the P-Plus system.’
How does your system work with regard to your 6 locations?
‘Since our 6 glasshouse operations are too far removed from one another, it wasn’t possible to interconnect them so we could install a traditional P-Plus system. HortiMaX Spain then proposed to install a P-Plus server at the main location and to give each of the group leaders a HTC Pocket PC phone with a 3G connection. This means that each group leader has an online connection with the central P-Plus server using a virtual terminal.’

Data are entered into the virtual terminal using HTC Pocket PC telephones and a 3G connection.

What are the benefits for the group leaders?
‘The main benefits for the group leaders are the time-saving element, the degree of control over the work progress and the ability to talk to individual workers about the quality of their work.’

What are the benefits for you?
There are quite a few benefits, but the main ones are:
• Time-saving element: I no longer need to meet with the group leaders personally every day.
• Task management: Before we started using P-Plus, only the start and the end of the time worked by each worker was recorded. Now we register all of the activities done.
• Production planning: I can now see at any moment of the day how much of each product has been harvested.
• Wage automation: I can now display reports listing wage costs with one click of the mouse.

Although we have only been using the P-Plus system for a short time, I believe it is a very helpful tool in saving costs.

Do you use any other HortiMaX products?
‘Five of our locations are equipped with MultiMas and one is fitted with a Clima 300.’

Moreno’s 128 acres are also represented on the screen with the ‘Glasshouse Overview’ feature.

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