Ad van Adrichem (Duijvestijn Tomatoes, Pijnacker, the Netherlands)

We’ve been using ProDrain since the first trials. It has become an indispensable tool to our operations and we have installed ProDrain systems in all our greenhouses. Since we have 5 second generation systems, we can compare different crop varieties and consistently apply the required irrigation volume for each of them. Although a conventional slab scale provides much information about the water uptake, it isn’t reliable enough for our needs. ProDrain automatically resets the saturation weight when drain water is detected, allowing us to fully automate the irrigation process. The radiation and time start settings are still active, but they only serve as a backup. Of course, there are other overrides, such as minimum and maximum pause times, so we feel completely at ease letting ProDrain trigger irrigation. In this way, we can focus fully on other important growth factors and we only need to monitor irrigation.

Our new facility is a highly advanced greenhouse concept. It has double glazing with double coated and diffuse glass and is equipped with a new type of ventilation system and air handling units. To closely analyse how this new growing method affects the plants, we've also installed two ProDrain systems. These systems have shortened our learning curve considerably. The response in plant growth as we manipulate various systems helps us to better understand plant behaviour, and helps us to maintain the best possible climate conditions throughout the year while minimizing our energy input. Plant transpiration in the greenhouse is different because of the diffuse glass. It distributes the light more evenly throughout the crop, enabling more leaves to be photosynthetically active. Since the same amount of light is spread over more leaves, the plants experience less stress. Solar heat is distributed to the lower leaves and fruit. The fruit in particular benefit from this, helping them to ripen faster and allowing us to maintain a higher rate of production.

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