Laurent BERGE and Vincent OLIVON (Serre de Goulaine, Nantes, France)

After seeing the results at a colleague, we decided to install a ProDrain system in one of our older greenhouses. From the outset, we have learned a great deal from the ProDrain system. Using irrigation triggers based on time or radiation, we were never able to accurately match our water application to the water uptake of the plants. However, when we began using the ProDrain irrigation start our day and night-time irrigation scheduling became extremely precise. This was especially the case when we also installed an infrared plant temperature sensor and we were able to observe the correlations between the plant temperature and plant transpiration rate. This allowed us to close the air vents more frequently and maintain higher CO2 levels without having to worry about the condition of the plants. Our greenhouse was operating similarly to a semi-closed greenhouse. When we decided to build a real semi-closed greenhouse, there was no question as to whether we should install a ProDrain system. We would be lost without the plant transpiration data. We’re now not only able to accurately control irrigation, but we can also adjust the climate settings to their most effective levels without compromising the health of the plants. ProDrain provides us with vital information for all our control requirements.

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