HortiMaX MT/MTV Sensor Unit

Durable sensor units for accurate temperature and humidity readings

Optimising your glasshouse climate starts with accurate measurements. Each of the MT/MTV sensor unit models is enclosed in a durable, white plastic housing which protects it against sunlight and splashing water. While the MT model is fitted with a single temperature sensor, the MTV model contains two temperature sensors, including one for measuring the wet bulb temperature.  The following models are compatible with the HortiMaX Clima 300 and HortiMaX MultiMa climate computers: MT20, MT30, MT40, MTV2N, MTV3N, MTV4N and MTV2E.

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HortiMaX MT/MTV Sensor Unit
  • Includes vertical or horizontal air suction
  • Equipped with a unique, algae-proof water container
  • Fitted with a reliable and accurate electronic humidity sensor (only applies to MTV2E model) that requires little maintenance