HortiMaX Synopta

Our all-in-one user interface software for HortiMaX controllers

More information means more options
Synopta is our advanced all-in-one software solution that makes it a breeze to navigate through the many settings and readouts on your HortiMaX control computer. Synopta can be combined with our MultiMonitor option, which turns two or three monitors into one large screen.

The world's leading user interface solution that can do everything
In addition to intuitive navigation features, Synopta offers a wide range of display and analysis options. You can customize Synopta to your specific needs, enabling you to create custom views and settings windows - or a combination of both. Each view, group of settings, setpoint graph or statistical table is shown in an individual window - a unique feature. There is also no limit to the number of windows that can be open on the screen at the same time.

More information?

PDf Click here to download our Synopta leaflet 2015 in English.

PDf Click here to download our Synopta leaflet 2015 in German.

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HortiMaX Synopta
  • Includes settings windows for easy control
  • Lets you display a large amount of data over several screens with our MultiMonitor option
  • Recently enhanced with new features, such as the Task Scheduler, Log Book and Linking Screen (for programming irrigation schedules)
  • Lets you take informed decisions faster and with less effort

Synopta Tips

In order to help you get the most out of Synopta, we regularly post tips on how to use Synopta more efficiently.