HortiMaX CropView

Keep an eye on your crop 24/7, from anywhere in the world

CropView is a unique solution that allows you to keep track of your crop’s development. CropView combines modern digital photography and computerized environmental control, so you can analyse both your crop’s current condition and its growth over time. This is all done in unrivalled detail, and available whenever and wherever you want. In-depth field tests have already shown that CropView can result in substantial cost savings in both ornamental and vegetable production.

More information?

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HortiMaX CropView
  • Lets you monitor plant responses in high resolution 24/7
  • Integrates seamlessly with HortiMaX controllers and Synopta
  • Allows you to increase crop production


Growers on CropView

Robert Vollenbrecht, a Dutch sweet pepper grower: 
 ‘It’s like a  surveillance camera. It allows you to see what is happening to your crops, even if you’re not there. In your glasshouse, you can’t tell whether your plants are going limp, only whether they are limp, in which case you’re too late to take action. In order to get the moisture tension back into the leaves, we make certain adjustments on our climate computer, for instance. The crop photos give you a better idea of whether an adjustment has had any effect and the plants are recovering. This allows you to optimise crop production.’

Marcel Boonekamp, a Dutch rose grower:
‘...The camera enables you to see the exact moment when the roses open. And if you discover any leaf damage, you can review the corresponding climate graphs and analyse how the damage was caused.’