HortiMaX Aqua CX300

Apply the right amounts of water and nutrients at the right times

The HortiMaX Aqua CX300 is highly suitable for controlling a wide range of sprinkler (indoor or outdoor), fogging and drip irrigation systems, involving hydroponic or substrate growing media. The Aqua CX300 ensures that your crop will receive the right amount of water, with the right blend of nutrients, at the right times. Thanks to its many configuration options, this fertigation controller can
be tailored to the exact needs of your greenhouse nursery.

More information?

PDF Click here to download our Aqua CX300 leaflet in English

PDF Click here to download our Aqua CX300 leaflet in German

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HortiMaX Aqua CX300
  • Suitable for most growing methods
  • Reliable, high-quality design
  • Optimum irrigation and fertigation control
  • Suitable for any type of sprinkling and drip irrigation application
  • Excellent after-sales support