HortiMaX FertiFill

Accurate and trouble-free dosing of liquid fertilisers

Liquid fertilisers not only allow precise quantities to be applied, but also require less labour than solid fertilisers. However, manually preparing mixtures from liquid fertilisers is still a time-consuming process and there is always the risk of accidentally adding the wrong amounts. Reasons enough to opt for HortiMaX’s FertiFill unit which automatically fills the A/B fertiliser tanks. The FertiFill ensures that exactly the right amounts of fertilisers are used to prepare the mixture you need and that your fertiliser tanks never drop below a pre-set level.

More information?

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HortiMaX FertiFill
  • Automatically prepare mixtures in A and B tanks
  • Save time and labour
  • Includes flexible recipe selection
  • Includes parallel control for the A and B tanks
  • Allows you to easily keep track of fertiliser use
  • Generates alarms if deviations occur.