HortiMaX VitaLite CXL

Disinfect drain water safely and effectively

Do you reuse your drain water? If so, water disinfection is vital, since pathogens from one plant can infect your entire crop. This obviously can have disastrous consequences for production. The HortiMaX VitaLite is an advanced UV disinfection unit that effectively neutralizes micro-organisms potentially dangerous to your crop.

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HortiMaX VitaLite CXL
  • Stands out in reliability and efficiency
  • Suitable for greenhouses of all sizes that grow crops on substrate
  • Uses UV radiation to kill micro-organisms safely and effectively
  • Customized to your desired capacity and radiation dose
  • Used with great success by ebb-and-flow operations and tree nurseries
  • Provides maximum protection at a competitive price
  • Low power consumption


Customer testimonial

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