HortiMaX ProDrain

Precision irrigation and drain water control

Save valuable time with HortiMaX ProDrain! This system quickly identifies problems, such as reduced crop growth and poor transpiration, so you can take immediate action. ProDrain continuously measures the plant weight and substrate weight, allowing you to accurately monitor various key growth factors, such as the substrate's water content, the drain water volume and even the condition of your crop. Using this information, you can automate your irrigation scheduling according to the exact needs of your crop.

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HortiMaX ProDrain
  • Ensures irrigation is applied when your crops actually need it
  • Continuously displays crop growth and transpiration rate
  • Accurately monitors substrate water content and drain water volume
  • Provides a reliable indication of the water balance in your greenhouse by monitoring the substrate weight of multiple plants.

Customer testimonial

Paul Selina (VP Applied Research, Village Farms, Texas, USA)

We’ve been using ProDrain since 2007. First at our GATES™ greenhouse and now all our Texas facilities will be equipped with at least one ProDrain system. The information that ProDrain provides us is priceless: we can use it for irrigation management, stress detection, growth monitoring, and production planning. It is key to our GATES concept, and without it we wouldn’t have been able to go to the edge of what is possible with the plants and learn about their capabilities in high radiation climate.

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