HortiMaX FertiMiX-Go!

Affordable, entry-level fertigation unit

The HortiMaX FertiMiX-Go! is ideal for growers seeking an automated fertigation system that is both affordable and easy to use. The system is a standard mixing tank unit with a limited number of options and basic specifications.

The FertiMiX-Go! comes with a controller as standard, and is easy to operate from the unit with simple push button and rotary knob controls. If the FertiMiX-Go! is used in operations with multiple fertigation units, the controllers can be replaced by a single process computer, such as the HortiMaX CX500.

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HortiMaX FertiMiX-Go!

The FertiMiX-Go! has six upgrade options:

  • Acid dosing (i.e. sensor and dosing channel)
  • Extra fertiliser dosing channels (up to 3 extra dosing channels, 4 in total)
  • EC monitor sensor
  • pH monitor sensor
  • Temperature protection on the pump
  • Valve card (for 32 valves, up to 4 groups)

Customer testimonial

Help! We’re running out of phosphorus

The last few years there has been much discussion about the availability of phosphorus.  Like water, it’s becoming increasingly scarce. Although the issue of water shortages has received much attention, fertilizers are just as important. Europe has a limited supply of extractable phosphorus. At the moment, the Netherlands is the only European country with a phosphorus surplus. Prices of this commodity are expected to rise as shortages continue to grow. Will we run out of phosphorus? Is this concern justified and what can we do about it?

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