Changing the date and time in graphs

Changing the date and time in graphs is easy.

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Setting up automatic actions in Scheduler

If you wish to save or share crop growing data, you do not need to retype this information; you can simply export it with the Scheduler in Synopta. All you need to do is set up how frequently data should be exported to a separate CSV file.

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Displaying week data in tables

You can use tables to display data (e.g. averages and maximum and minimum values) from a specific week.

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Accentuating graph lines

Synopta allows you customise graphs to better suit your needs.

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Logging Off Automatically

You can set up Synopta to automatically log off while you are away from the computer.

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Adding shortcuts to custom toolbars

There are various ways to navigate through Synopta. The quickest way to call up a window is by clicking on the appropriate shortcut on a custom toolbar.

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Using the help function in Synopta

The Synopta software includes comprehensive help to assist users.

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Saving the arrangement of windows on your desktop

One of Synopta’s unique features is that it lets you view a number of windows on the screen simultaneously. This enables you to display a large amount of information, especially if you are using more than one monitor. By saving a desktop, you can store the group of windows shown on the screen and open it again later with one click of the mouse. A group may include any type of window (i.e. graphs, tables, web pages, setpoint graphs, settings, etc.).

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Creating shortcuts to web pages

The Internet has become an indispensable tool to many growers. Synopta allows you to easily create shortcuts to web pages which you frequently use.

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