HortiMaX Productive meets all our expectations

Dutch cucumber producer 'Hogervorst' opted for HortiMaX Productive in 2013. Productive is the successor of P-Plus and offers the most complete range of labour and production reporting capabilities available today. The system is used successfully all over the world, in both open field and protected horticulture, such as vegetable, fruit, ornamental or pot plant cultivation. The software was designed to provide employees with maximum flexibility and independence. Hogervorst is more than pleased with the system, which has already paid for itself.

No more doubts
Jan Hogervorst, owner of the Hogervorst nursery, told us the following about investing in Productive: "We thought about it for a long time. We weren't sure whether such a system would be able to meet our expectations. But I'm very happy that we took the plunge and decided to buy Productive. The system creates a lot of enthusiasm within our team. It promotes a healthy sense of competition among our employees, encouraging them to do the best job they can.

Creating a stress-free work environment
Jan continues: "Another big improvement for us is having access to the right information at the right times. This used to be a huge problem, but thanks to Productive we can now call up any data we need instantly. We strive to create a stress-free working environment, with a steady but strong work pace. HortiMaX Productive has helped us immensely with that objective."

The numbers tell the tale
Every grower has their own way of collecting and analyzing data. If this data can be presented and analyzed according to the grower's specific needs, it provides the best environment for improvements to be made. That's why a labour and production reporting system must include versatile analysis options. Jan Hogervorst: "The beauty of the system is that it also gives me peace of mind. The ability to monitor operational processes and set performance standards ensures that the work here simply carries on at the desired pace and with the desired quality - even when I'm away."

MiniMaX mobile terminal
Hogervorst chose the 'MiniMaX' mobile terminal instead of the fixed terminal. "The MiniMaX makes it a breeze for employees to scan work activities, rows/tables, carts and observations, such as pests and diseases. The simple controls minimize the risk of input errors being made. Another benefit is that employees can enter data on the spot rather than having to walk to a fixed terminal. This is much more efficient", says Hogervorst.

"The MiniMaX is wireless and small enough to fit in your palm. Its bright display, push-button controls and scan function are what makes this device so easy to use. Wireless communication allows me to keep track of worker performance, yields, and the status of activities at all times. Employees are shown feedback on their performance after entering an activity they've completed – a key feature for us. Since the system is linked to a fixed weighbridge, it can even display information such as the number of kilograms harvested per row, employee and crate."

Quickly dealing with diseases
Jan Hogervorst: "One of the benefits of working with HortiMaX is that they use an advanced development environment , so they can quickly design custom-made functionality. At our request, HortiMaX designed a special feature that allows the MiniMaX to automatically record where a pest or disease observation is made. Since these observations are now registered on the spot, we can take quick action to remedy the problem. This minimizes further spread of the pest or disease."

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