HortiMaX launches MultiMa 2015 and Synopta 4

Unprecedented freedom - that is what our new MultiMa 2015 and Synopta 4 software offers growers. MultiMa 2015 allows you to quickly create your own custom variables and influences. This gives you tremendous flexibility in what you can control or display. In addition to more options and features, Synopta 4 includes a new licensing model. This means you only pay for what you need, Synopta has a lower starting price and software updates are provided free of charge.  

Revolutionary software module
Joost Veenman, Product Manager for Climate and Energy at HortiMaX, said: "Growers and crop consultants often run into the problem that climate computers do not provide all the readouts they need. This leads many growers to export data manually and make all sorts of calculations with programs, such as Excel. We felt this was both time-consuming and unnecessary, which is why we developed a revolutionary software module called 'My MultiMa'.”

My Variables
Using My MultiMa, you can create your own custom readouts (My Variables) on the MultiMa climate computer. This allows you to display a wide range of user-defined data, such as statistical information or differences between measurements. Joost continued by saying: "Users even have the ability to add complex calculations, such as energy consumption over a given period. After creating the new readouts, you can use them just like any other readouts in graphs and tables or to influence control parameters. And there is virtually no limit to the number of variables that can be added."

My Influences
Settings such as the ventilation setpoint are influenced by factors such as the radiation intensity (sunlight) and humidity level. An influence adjusts a setpoint based on a measured value. This allows the pre-programmed setting to be adjusted automatically based on changes in the ambient conditions. Joost Veenman: "The new My Influences feature enables you to define your own custom influences. Using this feature, you can select which value should influence which setting. These custom influences can either be based on the standard readouts or the user-defined variables created with My Variables.”

Synopta 4 
MultiMa 2015 and My MultiMa both require Synopta 4. Synopta has been completely redesigned and now offers more features than ever before. In addition to a revamped user interface, Synopta 4 includes a brand new licensing model.  Instead of purchasing modules, you simply select a profile containing all the required functionality.  This means you only pay for what you really need. The profiles are easy to expand online with extra options or objects (such as graphs and tables). Thanks to the new licensing model, Synopta 4 not only has a lower starting price, but all software updates are provided free of charge.

More information?
For more information on the features in Synopta,  click here 
For more information on the features in MultiMa 2015, click here.

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