One year later: HortiMaX-Go! now being sold worldwide

Today it is exactly one year ago that the HortiMaX-Go! was announced the winner of the Innovation Award in the 'Automation’ category. Now, the HortiMaX-Go! is being sold worldwide. In this article, we'll take a look back at the GreenTech and focus on a number of notable HortiMaX-Go! projects.

How did the GreenTech jury put it again?
The GreenTech jury was very enthusiastic about this modern, user-friendly and affordable climate and irrigation computer. "The modular system and technology meets the growers’ needs in a very user-friendly way. This innovation is the perfect entry-level system, also in terms of cost, making it suitable for every grower. Growers worldwide can now easily make the switch to automated support, allowing them to minimize risk and increase their profits.

Great results, satisfied growers
A lot has been achieved since the launch at the GreenTech. Worldwide, over 100 dealers have received the necessary training to sell and install the HortiMaX-Go!. The HortiMaX-Go! has also been promoted at trade fairs in various countries. And with success: In addition to systems in the Netherlands, the HortiMaX-Go! has been sold all over the world.  

The HortiMaX-Go! in Uganda
Last month, the first HortiMaX-Go! unit was officially put into operation in Uganda. This is a unique system where the HortiMaX-Go! runs on solar energy and uses a 4G router, so the computer can be operated remotely. The local growers are receiving ongoing training from Agromax and Delphy based on the data that is being collected. This new understanding may provide a huge boost for horticulture in Uganda. Together with the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Bank, the parties involved are looking for other suitable locations for the HortiMaX-Go!. In recent weeks, another two systems have been put into operation.

 The HortiMaX-Go! in Mexico
Sweet pepper grower Jeffrey Edward Clarke Garcia from Audrey Orchards in Mexico: "I chose the HortiMaX-Go! because it's not only easy to use, but also a very affordable computer. What's more, I wanted to be able to control my entire greenhouse remotely. I currently have quite a basic greenhouse (32,000 ft2), equipped with roof and sidewall ventilation. Controlling the vents based on fixed positions works perfectly. The plants are growing extremely well. This summer we are going to start construction on a second greenhouse. Upon completion, we can upgrade our current HortiMaX-Go! with a few simple Smart Switches. This means I won't have to invest in a new computer, saving me a lot of money. You could say the HortiMaX-Go! will grow as I grow.

The HortiMaX-Go! in Dutch garden centre
The HortiMaX-Go! also appears to be an excellent solution for garden centres. Our dealer GST recently installed a HortiMaX-Go! in garden centre Groenrijk. This involved installing the Smart Switches in their existing main switch cabinet. This resulted in a simple and affordable upgrade of their current functionality. 

The HortiMaX-Go! among the Dutch peonies
Thanks to its ease of use and low cost, the HortiMaX-Go! is also ideal for Dutch greenhouses. This is especially the case for growers who only need a simple controller. For example, peony grower Pieter Dalfsen chose the HortiMaX-Go! because of its simplicity as well as its ability to be completely remotely controlled and all the benefits that this provides. 

More information?
Would you like more information about the HortiMaX-Go!? Or would you like to learn more about how you can become one of our dealers, or for which situations the HortiMaX-Go! is best suited? If so, please contact HortiMaX ( or send an e-mail to

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