HortiMaX committed to social responsibility

At HortiMaX, we’re aware of our social responsibility as a company. That’s why we develop sustainable solutions for the global horticultural market and support our staff’s community-based initiatives in the regions where we operate. 

As suppliers to growers worldwide, we’re committed to continuously developing intelligent and user-friendly solutions that allow our customers to achieve better results. HortiMaX’s objectives, however, extend beyond helping growers improve the performance of their businesses.

Like Essent, our parent company, corporate social responsibility is one
of our core values. As a result, our solutions also contribute towards the sustainability of the horticultural sector by improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, using renewable energy sources and optimising fertigation and drain water disinfection. HortiMaX is dedicated to furthering each one of these goals.

Another aspect of our corporate social responsibility is that we support both local and international initiatives geared towards helping the community. For instance, in 2010, HortiMaX supported a local food bank, a sponsored run and the 12-inch race (see photo) in the Netherlands. One of the international projects we support is a break dance school in Guatemala, which helps give underprivileged youths a brighter future.

For more information, please see the Essent MVO annual report at www.essent.nl.

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16-18 January
Angers, France

IPM Essen
23-26 January
Essen, Germany

Fruit Logistica
7-9 February
Berlin, Germany

20-22 February
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12-14 juni
Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands