Ektron III to replace Ektron II

After ten years, production of the Ektron II is almost at an end. Its successor, the Ektron III, recently cleared one of its last hurdles: an official ÖKD test. The Austrian ÖKD calibration service is one of the most reputable organisations for testing measuring equipment in Europe. The Ektron passed the ÖKD test with flying colours, measuring temperature, CO2 and relative humidity levels with extreme precision. The sensor unit continued to operate perfectly, even under the most extreme low temperatures and high humidity levels. As a result, the Ektron III has been awarded the highest possible certificate.

The ÖKD certificate has now paved the way for the launch of the latest generation of Ektron sensor units. The Ektron III will replace the Ektron II as of 1 April 2011. The main difference between the two sensor units is the new VTM2 circuit board. This board was specially designed for the Ektron III and combines relative humidity, temperature and CO2 measuring capabilities. As a result, the sensor unit houses fewer circuit boards than the previous model. What’s more, since the new circuit board converts digital signals to 4-20 mA or 0-4 mA, the Ektron III does not need an instrumentation amplifier to operate. 

Another important benefit of the Ektron III sensor unit is that the probes are exchangeable. This allows you to replace the sensors with newly calibrated ones as often as necessary (frequency depends on the environmental conditions present and your individual needs). This is so easy that it can be done without having to call in an engineer, which not only saves you money, but also ensures that the sensors are operating at maximum sensitivity.       


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