HortiMaX MultiMa Series II, version 5.2, enthusiastically received

New HortiMaX MultiMa Series II, version 5.2, suitable for applications worldwide

The MultiMa is HortiMaX’s most advanced environmental controller and has been leading the way in commercial horticulture for years. The computer offers unparalleled flexibility and is a breeze to operate thanks to the HortiMaX Synopta software. The MultiMa's broad range of features allows growers worldwide to achieve more than just better results.   
Software version 5.2, the latest step in glasshouse control
Customer experiences and wishes, technological advancements, and new insights into growing were the reasons that led HortiMaX to design this latest MultiMa software version. Based on the MultiMa Series II hardware, new software features have been added to meet your needs in irrigation, ventilation, cooling and energy efficiency. For example, this version includes extensive and updated irrigation management, crop optimisation by intelligent PAR controls and flexible Pad and Fan controls, and optimum ventilation thanks to updated vent position controls. But this is just a small selection of what the MultiMa new version has to offer. Our ‘New in HortiMaX MultiMa Series II, version 5.2’ covers no less than 25 pages. Below are a few highlights:

Wind direction parallel to ridge
From this version on, it is possible to gradually ‘transfer’ the vent positions if the wind direction is close or parallel to the direction of the glasshouse ridge. This ‘gradual wind direction’ control prevents the leeward side and windward side from switching too quickly.

Action if vent position unresponsive
If the measured and calculated vent positions do not match, this could be due to any number of reasons. It is now possible to select which action the computer should take if the measured vent position fails to respond to vent adjustments. This enables vent control to continue even if a malfunction occurs.

Pad & Fan
A Pad and Fan system is ideal for cooling and humidifying the glasshouse air, especially in areas with warm and dry climates. A Pad and Fan system allows you to achieve high crop yields, even under the most extreme conditions. The MultiMa’s Pad and Fan control has been fully updated to the latest technological standard and includes flexible configuration options to meet your specific needs.

Crop optimisation
Lighting control based on PAR level
There’s a growing demand from growers for lighting control based on the PAR level, because it leads to more efficient use of the supplementary lighting systems. This, in turn, increases production and improves quality.

Hot air control
Hot air control has been completely updated and includes a number of significant improvements. These result in substantial energy savings by preventing the vents from opening too early and all of the heat from escaping. Cascade control is ideal for the combined use of multiple hot air heaters.

Irrigation cycle history
The MultiMa 5.2 lets you maximise the efficiency of your fertigation programme by displaying comprehensive information on the water flows to and from your crop plants. The system keeps track of various irrigation data, helping you to reduce your fertiliser use significantly.

Local return groups
In addition to measuring the amount of drain water of one or more groups (i.e. a central drain water measurement), the MultiMa is now able to register the amount of drain water by valve and calculate the drain water percentage based on the volume of irrigation water applied by each valve.

Repeating irrigation phases
In addition to dividing an irrigation phase into a number of sub-phases, the new MultiMa software allows you to repeat a particular phase during an irrigation cycle. Repeating an irrigation phase is necessary to perform frost prevention sprinkling, for instance.

These highlights are just a small selection of the new features in the MultiMa version 5.2. For more information on this latest version of the HortiMaX MultiMa, please call us on +31 (0)153620300 or e-mail us at info@hortimax.com.

Click here to download our product leaflet for the MultiMa Series II, version 5.2 

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