Prayon and HortiMaX join forces to improve irrigation

Prayon, a Belgian company with a global turnover of €815 million, is to team up with HortiMaX over the next few months. The companies will work together on a number of international projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of two new fertilisers developed by Prayon – Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and Monopotassium phosphate (MKP) Hortipray® Anticalc. HortiMaX’s Irrigation Checker will play an essential role in these projects.

The benefits of the Anticalc range
The partnership is based on testing Prayon’s Hortipray® Anticalc range of fertilisers. Anticalc prevents blockages in irrigation pipes by stopping the formation of lime scale and deposits of certain phosphates. This reduces the risk of uneven irrigation, prevents the growth of bacteria and prolongs the lifespan of irrigation pipes – and these are benefits that all growers will appreciate. Kurt Verhelst, Business Development Manager of Prayon’s Horticulture Division, says: ‘We’re always proud of our new fertilisers, but we still need to demonstrate how effective they are. The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker was just what we needed to do that.’

International projects
The two companies now plan to set up projects in countries that have notoriously hard water – discussions are underway with growers in countries such as Poland, Turkey, Mexico and Spain. The projects will involve comparing the results achieved in two greenhouse blocks. Over a period of two months, one block will be fertilised using conventional fertilisers, and the other will be fertilised with Hortipray® Anticalc fertilisers. By comparing the results, the companies will show the benefits of using the Anticalc products.

The above photo shows Prayon's Kurt Verhelst (on the right) and Ad de Koning (on the left), Director of Research & Development of HortiMaX, signing the cooperation contract.

‘Fertilisers and automated irrigation techniques are inextricably linked,’ says Michiel Suurmond, Product Manager at HortiMaX’s Water and Nutrition Department. ‘Prayon and HortiMaX not only operate in the same countries, but their product ranges are also highly complementary. If we want to innovate, we need to look at the system as a whole.’ Both Prayon and HortiMaX are helping to improve irrigation techniques and use water and fertilisers more efficiently, which has become a crucially important area in international horticulture.

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