HortiMaX R&D Department visits RedStar

Last week, HortiMaX's Product Development Department visited Red Star, a leading tomato producer in the Netherlands. After visiting their packaging centre in Maasland, our team was given a tour of Red Star's newest location, the Ultra Clima greenhouse, in Dinteloord.

Latest technology
Red Star's Ultra Clima greenhouse is equipped with the latest technology. Instead of relying on conventional air vents, this advanced greenhouse uses hoses to suck in outside air.  Nearly 500 fans circulate the air, maintaining the ideal climate inside. The HortiMaX MultiMa controls the climate and irrigation equipment.  Our Synopta software allows the grower to monitor the greenhouse environment at a glance and make any necessary control adjustments.   We also designed a number of special controls geared to Red Star's specific needs.

A unique growing strategy
Diffuse glass ensures optimum light penetration. During our visit, it became clear that the Ultra Clima facility is no ordinary greenhouse and requires a unique growing strategy to keep the plants in top condition.  The continuous air flow upwards from the hoses greatly increases plant transpiration. HortiMaX ProDrain monitors this process and adjusts the irrigation schedule accordingly. Due to their high transpiration rate, the plants regularly need more water.  In winter, the supplementary lighting results in an even higher transpiration rate.  This additional light exposure allows plants to grow twice as fast. 

Although the greenhouse is now only 10 hectares (25 acres) in size, the next construction phases are already in the pipeline. It's an impressive project, designed with growth in mind. For instance, the corridor has a wide concrete path with induction pipes. The greenhouse also features an actual roundabout in which streams of trolleys carrying tomatoes drive in and out automatically. This 'tomato motorway' will eventually become a kilometre long.  The energy supply systems are equally impressive.  In addition to having the largest buffer tank in the Netherlands, the greenhouse is also equipped with a huge CHP system.

Our team found the visit to the Fudinto location useful, informative and interesting.

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