HortiMaX increasing focus on management information systems

HortiMaX has appointed Marcel Hazenbroek (32) as manager of its new business unit 'Management Systems' as from 2014. His core duties include developing new products and services for this product segment. These solutions will allow growers to manage their greenhouse operations more effectively and so increase their revenues.

No stranger
Marcel Hazenbroek has worked at HortiMaX since 1998. Before his current appointment, he was head of the Product Development Department. His most recent innovation in product development was the HortiMaX CX500, our latest process computer. This product was even nominated for an innovation award. Under his management, various improvements were made to our irrigation, climate and labour registration product range.

Manage your entire greenhouse
Marcel Hazenbroek is also responsible for designing HortiMaX Productive, a management information system that allows you to manage your entire greenhouse. HortiMaX recently launched the 5th generation of this solution. Marcel Hazenbroek had the following to say about his appointment: 'We still have a lot of ground to cover worldwide. It's time to change the awareness and perception of growers. Our solution makes all greenhouse activities transparent, so you can monitor every aspect of production and worker productivity. This is an area that most businesses could improve significantly, resulting in substantial savings on labour costs. And that's exactly what growers are looking for: A way to manage costs and quality effectively.'

Developing the global market
Together with the HortiMaX team, Marcel and sales manager Francis van Peer intend to cultivate the market worldwide. Marcel continues: 'We work together with customers to develop solutions geared to their specific challenges and processes, so they can meet their company objectives.  Many businesses fail to take full advantage of the capabilities that management systems provide. Our focus will be on devising solutions that address the individual needs of customers or user groups. It gives me great satisfaction when a customer tells me how vital our system has become to their operation. '

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