HortiMaX CX500 updated with even more features

The HortiMaX CX500 was launched as 'the new standard in greenhouse technology' at the 2012 Horti Fair. By now, over 100 systems have been sold worldwide. HortiMaX recently developed a new version with even more features.

The new standard
Carrying the slogan 'the new standard in adaptive greenhouse technology', the HortiMaX CX500 represents the latest technological advancement in greenhouse environmental control. The use of ‘Dutch’ horticultural technology often proves unsuccessful outside the Netherlands, because the technology is either unsuitable for the climate conditions in those countries, or it does not fit the knowledge level or culture of the user. Every country and climate requires a particular solution. The HortiMaX CX500 was designed on this basis. It is the standard in the industry: adaptable, expandable, simple and easy to upgrade as the knowledge and experience of the user grows. The system was nominated for the Innovation Award at the 2012 Horti Fair. By now, over 100 systems have been sold worldwide.

Unexpected interest
Joost Veenman, Product Manager for Climate and Energy at HortiMaX, had the following to say about the HortiMaX CX500: 'Initially, the system was intended for the foreign mid-tech market. That's why the CX500 is available in over 10 foreign languages. Sales in that market are rising steadily. But what we hadn't expected was the huge interest from growers in the Benelux countries, looking to replace their old climate control computers.  The fact that they only pay for the functionality they need has played a key role in this success. Most growers can also continue to use their current weather stations and other sensors when they opt for the CX500. What's more, this new computer incorporates the latest technology.'

Continuous development
HortiMaX recently launched a major new version of the HortiMaX CX500. Veenman continues: 'The system now boasts even more features. Over the past year, we've added and improved a wide range of controls. Our Easy Update System allows every user to install the new software free of charge. The number of components that can be controlled is now unlimited. The only limitation is the maximum number inputs and outputs that can be connected. How these inputs and outputs are used is determined by your HortiMaX dealer. This allows large projects with more than 40 blocks (compartments) to be automated, which is unprecedented for a climate control computer in this price range.'

Building on success
Joep van den Bosch, CEO of HortiMaX, sees a bright future for the CX500: 'Not only did this computer sell well the first year, but also the response to all the enhancements we've made has been very positive. For example, the CX500 is now capable of unlimited data storage thanks to our Synopta 3 software, as is the case with its big brother: the MultiMa. Our dealers are very excited about the CX500, since it allows them to operate completely independently. Dealers can configure the customer's software, calculate the sales price of a system and commission it - all by themselves. The ability to provide a customized solution with a standardized system is what makes the CX500 so appealing.  That's why we have every confidence that its success will continue to grow.'

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