New CX Assistant makes configuring CX500 easier than ever

Along with the release of CX500 Firmware version, a new version of our CX Assistant software was launched this week. The updated CX Assistant software, version, includes a host of new features and enhancements. These improvements are designed to make the configuration process easier and faster. 

'At-a-glance' overview of assigned I/O
If you click on the I/O icons at the bottom of the screen, an I/O summary will appear. It shows you the total number of I/O and how many are still available for each type of I/O card. This makes it easy to determine whether any CompactiMa I/O modules still need to be configured:

The 'Connections' menu displays the number of free and assigned I/O for each cabinet and module. This is also broken down by type. This new functionality helps you to link the I/O to the modules, as you can see exactly which I/O are still available:

The first number indicates how many I/O can still be assigned; the second number indicates the total number of I/O on the card in question.

Correct I/O module assigned automatically
The system can be equipped with various types of sensors. A special type of sensor is the Meteo-Go! station, which has a number of Modbus sensors. These are connected using a virtual I/O bus module. An installation wizard selects and assigns the I/O module automatically.

There are also a number of special, inactive, sensors that are connected directly to the CompactiMa module: the EC, pH and pulse sensors. These are connected to the EC2 Ph2 module. Depending on the sensor type selected, you may need a different type of I/O module.

To prevent errors, CX Assistant now automatically checks whether a sensor has been assigned to the correct type of input. For example, if you drag a CompactiMa bus pH sensor from the Connections menu to the control cabinet, it will be assigned to the correct IO module automatically.

Easily find and resolve configuration errors
The CX500's design is extremely versatile, allowing you to customize a configuration (site file) to your customer's exact needs. With CX Assistant, you can customize a site file quickly and easily and then upload it to your customer's process computer. This versatility comes at a price, however, because there is a greater risk of configuration errors being made. Fortunately, CX Assistant prevents an invalid or incomplete site from being uploaded to the controller. The site file will not upload if any of I/O have not been assigned yet, or vital components have not been configured or assigned. The Assets menu provides an overview of all the selected components. If a configuration error is detected, this will be indicated by an exclamation mark.

The new version of CX Assistant makes it a breeze to review any errors and correct them. These errors may include a component that hasn't been configured correctly, or at all, on the Controls screen (click on the Controls button), or a component that hasn't been assigned to an I/O module on the Connections screen (click on the Connections button). If you click on either of these buttons, you'll jump directly to the locations where corrections need to be made.

Advanced HortiMaX CX settings
Once you've uploaded a site file to the CX500, the configuration data becomes bound to that customer. In other words, it is linked to a specific cabinet and IPC. That's why you're required to enter the cabinet and IPC serial numbers when you upload a site file. System activation is necessary every time a site file is uploaded. You may then be sent an invoice for any component changes made to the customer’s configuration. The IPC and cabinet information is linked to your debtor information during invoicing.

CX Assistant allows you to create various configuration files that you can use for multiple customers. In our experience, changing the cabinet and IPC serial numbers would often be overlooked. As a result, we would receive different activation requests for the same serial numbers, under the same debtor numbers. Although our Accounts Department would spot these errors, they weren't identified in CX Assistant. In our latest version of CX Assistant, you can only enter the serial numbers in the 'Advanced Settings' window. This prevents the serial numbers of the wrong customer being processed.

The software release notes provide a complete list of the enhancements made. We also recommend reading the updated version of the CX Assistant Tutorial, which explains in detail how the new software works.

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